E3 2016
The London Heist hands-on

Being the bad guys never felt so rewarding, especially after briefly getting a quick demo of the Playstation VR game, The London Heist. This was yet another ...

Here They Lie hands on (E3 2016)

Resident Evil 7 might be the hero when it comes to Playstation VR, but there’s still another horror title that we should know about - Here They Lie!

Zeiss VR One Plus Headset Hands On at E3

Zeiss brings their lens experience to the VR world with an almost universal headset capable of fitting lots of phones. Check out the VR One Plus at E3 2016!

Farpoint and Playstation VR Aim hands on

At E3 2016 we had the opportunity to check out Farpoint and the unique PS VR Aim motion controller.

OSVR & Gloveone hands on

At E3 2016 we had the opportunity to go hands-on with the OSVR2 and the Glove One.

Naughty America brings VR porn to E3 2016 (Video)

Naughty America is at E3 2016! We couldn't resist stopping by and seeing what the future of porn is all about for ourselves.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew hands on (video)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=751YdjRmx3A&feature=youtu.be Star Trek fans rejoice, there’s a VR game that’s coming in the fall that literally places you in ...

Here’s all the Playstation VR games that we’ve confirmed are at E3 2016 (30 so far)

There's been a lot of really cool games shown off for the Sony Playstation VR so far, including Resident Evil 7 and an upcoming Batman game. Fear not, Sony ...

Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission will release solely for PSVR later this year

DICE has returned to the Star Wars: Battlefront world with an all-new experience called Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission.

Playstation VR hands on (E3 2016)

At E3 2016, VR Source had the opportunity to go hands on with the new Sony Playstation VR.

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